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Project Description
Based on the board game Robo Rally, but with a twist.

In RoboRace, you along with several other players program your robot with a limited number of commands to perform. Your robots execute these commands once per person per round according to the ranking of your commands. The goal is to be the first robot to reach all way-points in order! Be careful though and watch out for the pits, lasers, and many other hazardous obstacles including the other robots! A single wrong turn, or a wise move by another, and your robot may become part of the local junkyard.

None working game at this point, but coding as time permits.

Things are progressing nicely now. I have been working on the TCP/IP sockets coding to allow this game to function over the internet. Once this initial part of the networking functions is created I will update the source code.
  • UPDATE ***
Still working on the networking aspects of this. I am new to networking, anyone willing to assist would be welcomed to the project.

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